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    I have a friend Gracie (6/18/1990) who I have been talking to for a while now and we’ve become really fast friends and we had a great conversation yesterday through texting, one that I think could lead to us to maybe having a relationship, but I think I may have screwed up our friendship. I was texting her today a couple of times and was not hearing from her so I wasn’t sure what to think, if she was busy or what. So, I saw her online today and instant messaged her and she responded saying that I was texting her too much. So, I would really appreciate some insight into this cause now I think I may have messed things up forever, I’m not sure then if she will ever want to talk to me again. I really like her and like having her as a friend and would love to get a chance to hang out with her, but I just feel now that our friendship could be in trouble and I don’t know what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
    -Christopher (11/18/1985) 🙁


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    I am sorry that your feelings were hurt. You obviously are a very sensitive person. I am a student of the Life Mastery Program and am sort of new at giving advice, but I would say to give this lady a bit of space. She could possibly have another interest right now. If you have had no further communication since the time she indicated that you were “texting her too much”, you might consider texting or e-mailing her to let her know that you did not mean to bother her, but you really do enjoy talking with her. You could let her know that you would be glad to hear from her if she has the time or would like to talk to you. I wouldn’t call her or try to instant message her, thus avoiding any communication that would put her on the spot. A text message or e-mail to her would put the ball in her court. This might help you to feel that you have done all you can do at this point.

    Take care–

    Kathy N.


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    Tell her you are sorry if you overstepped your boundaries. Lay low for a few days and see if she contacts you.


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    Apologize for texting her too much. Explain that you didn’t mean any harm. If she still doesn’t want to talk then that’s a sign that there is a better woman for you out there. Never force friendships/relationships.

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