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    Hi my name is louise and my birthday is January 20 1984 and I am wondering about my future with a man I met last September. I feel a strange connection with him and I desperately need to know what is gonna happen between us. Is there commitment as far as a romantic relationship goes? Is he destined to leave my life?!? Please help me


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    I sense there is indeed a connection between the two of you, but maybe not enough to make a relationship work. I’m getting a psychic sense he has some wacky patterns with romance. Comes on strong and then takes off. So be careful. Also, be careful about giving your life force over to someone who isn’t really giving you a reason. My 2 cents is there is someone better out there for you. But you may need to work through your own feelings of being undeserving, insecurity, and fear of relationships before you are able to attract this person into your life. Also, I keep seeing you doing volunteer work. Might be a good place to meet decent people. How do you feel about doing something like this? I sense you have a natural healing quality within you, more than most people.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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