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      If you haven’t done so already, make sure to sign up to our Free Psychic Development Guide. It’s written by Dale Sellers, founder of LifeLeap Institute. Dale has years of teaching others how to develop their own psychic ability including police officers, doctors, attorneys, college students, military personal and more.

      The guide is packed full of interesting scientific research relating to psychic ability, helpful explanations of how psychic ability works, and of course, powerful methods for developing and using your own psychic perception.

      Dale takes the wackiness out of the psychic world and helps you to see that psychic ability is a natural human ability that anyone can harness. Discover how these abilities can be used in a practical manner in your day to day life. You are welcome to discuss anything from the guide in this forum. Here is the link to get your guide today:

      Free Psychic Development


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      Hi Mary, thanks for sharing. I am starting with this guide today :).


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      Love this link! Thank you!

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