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    Since my Son commited suicide 2009 feb .I feel life has given me a blow for life. I feel like it is punishment . At my work place I have been placed with the most difficult Manager in the company. I have thought myself to cope, how long I do not know. Now we were just told that the company is about to retrench 7000 workers and that even put more strain on my thinking. I am 57 and still active at home DIY. But I am thinking how am I going to survive with my wife. All my children are married and on their own. I dream funny dreams of people wanting to attack me for no apparent reason.

    HELP OR ADVISE ME !! I am desperate.


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    Sorry for the tragic loss of your son. What you’ve experienced overall is part and parcel of being in this existence. You are not being punished for anything, even if you feel such is happening.
    Managers are simply people, same as you, and are subject to the same ‘nice or not so nice’, stress factors as you are and like everyone else.
    You are to be complemented for teaching yourself to handle and cope with the stress you are feeling under these stressful conditions.
    The world is changing with the times.
    With that change, comes variables, that present many challenges to the individual.
    How you react to the stress of all the changes is most important. That you are ‘active’ at 57, is a blessing.
    Accept it as that.
    That you are concerned and ‘think’ also of your wife, means you are still a loving and compassionate being.
    That your children are out on their own, indicates that you and the wife did a wonderful job of raising them. Momentarily, you have allowed events in your life, to affect your thoughts and allow dreams to reflect those deep inner events.
    You must change your thought process.
    Dwelling on ‘how tough things are’ will only keep you in a downward spiral.
    How to alter and change the current situation, will be by using the ‘imagination’ to visualize (see) how you want to experience things (events) now and in the near and far future.

    While it may appear that nothing will change, please consider doing the following as a starting point:

    Take a break for a moment, close your eyes, breath deep, and allow yourself to just repeat these four lines over and over to yourself for a few moments.

    Use these four simple lines to start the ‘changes’ in your life.

    Thank You (Here you are reflecting your feelings for what you have.)
    I Love You (Here you are directing love toward all people, places and events.)
    I Am Sorry (Here you are saying ‘I know how it feels to be hurting’.)
    Please Forgive Me (Here you are saying if I overlooked any hurt I caused)


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    Loosing a child is the hardest thing any of us could ever face! When it is suicide it is even harder and we ask WHY!!!!!! a grief support group may be useful. Writing letters to your son may be another way to explore and release your grief. Danielle Steele wrote a book about her son Daniel’s suicide. I believe it was called My Bright and Shining Star but sure you could find it on Amazon. I am truly sorry for your loss! Know he is at peace from whatever was tormenting him in this plane of existence. I truly believe the soul lived on!

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