feel so depressed and dull and overwhelmed right now …don't know how to cope

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    hi my dob is july 10 1987 and I am feeling so depressed these days, I feel like not able to accomplish anything and keep crying, I feel its because I loved a guy for a 4 yrs but he doesn’t talk to me and I don’t even know why and I keep thinking he will come forward and keep waiting and just getting depressed and not able to get my tasks done as its affecting me alot and I don’t know what I should do and feel so confused and stressed and overwhelmed over what I need to do and I am in college but having difficulty finishing my assignments as I am so overwhelmed and feel like I have no energy to get my assignments …what can I do ? how can I overcome all this and what do you feel coming for me ?


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    First, exercise, exercise, exercise! Push yourself to the point of total exhaustion, maybe a couple times a day. Sprint, swim, run up stairs, jump up and down, anything. This will help release some of the heavy mess built up inside of you. You won’t want to do this at first, but it will help. Sitting at home and dwelling, questioning, and reliving everything is the worst thing you can do. And my psychic sense is you’ve been doing a lot of this. Keep yourself busy, even if you have to take every bit of strength you have to push yourself. It will pay off. Next, think about getting some training so this doesn’t turn out to be a new lifestyle for you. Some pain after a breakup is natural, but your’s feels extreme to me. You got yourself here and you can get yourself out. Regardless of how bad it it, you can get control over your emotions. You can strengthen yourself again. There are specific methods for accomplishing this exact thing. Start by looking at the Life Mastery Program on this site. Worked for me. I’m sensing the way you are dealing with life is part of the reason he isn’t there anymore, although it’s not all you fault. If you don’t make some changes within yourself, your life could continue on like this. You’ve got some serious life patterns that need attention now, starting with your choice in relationships. Therapy won’t help. Drugs won’t help. You have to do the work yourself, on the inside. Just remember, suffering is optional. It doesn’t have to be this way. You aren’t stuck. You do have options. People who heavily exercise and meditate don’t generally get depressed. Don’t wait for things to get better, take steps to make them better. You have a big heart and a lot to offer others, but if you don’t take better care of yourself, you won’t have enough left over for anything. Good luck to you!


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    As a counselor and someone who suffers with depression, therapy will help! Therapy is SUCH an amazing tool to HELP you see inside yourself! When you’re stuck in a rut or a cycle sometimes you need someone on the outside who can help you reflect inward. Don’t dismiss therapy when that can be a beautiful place to form a spiritual relationship and journey. Just make sure you look for the right therapist and don’t settle until you feel like you’ve found the place you were meant to and the person who you want to work with. Good luck. Never be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

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