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    Ah yes, the conundrum of making Miracles work on a regular basis.
    Still comes down to the intensity of how beliefs are set in ones psyche.
    # 51 Talker on Why No Healing Miracle Today!

    Having studied the many and varied methods of the healing process, there were hundreds of joys and sorrows, that came along with it. Elated with some, a downer with others.
    Why the seemingly ‘failed’ efforts !
    Couldn’t understand, why, if a process works with a certain person in bringing in any kind of relief or healing, why doesn’t it ‘work’ every time!
    So with my existing lack of understanding, I broadened my interests into miracles, hands on healing, faith healing, psychic healing, running energy, energy work, Reiki, Huna, EFT, food, vitamins and minerals, and herbs.
    Now, I wont pretend to be expert in all these modalities, but will say that I am highly conversant with them all.
    There were a few other fields, but will bypass that for now.

    Regardless of the process or method used, there seemed to be a common thread with each and every one.
    Namely, that there will be some failed efforts, or no seeming healing taking place.
    Some thing along the lines of that sorrowful medical joke
    ‘the operation was successful, but the patient died’.
    Another that comes up is ‘there are no incurable diseases, but there are incurable patients’.

    Sheesh, what a mess to wade through.

    Was about the same time, that my awareness was being expanded deeper into the religious and spiritual realm.
    (part of above from my blog)


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    I have a weird way of doing my work but healing help of any kind will help my names Joseph and I like to do a lot of free range spiritual work it’d be cool if you could send healing


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    I feel like if you expect good things to happen and to at the positive then better things tend to happen for you.


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    I could really use some help I suffer from past trauma and have PTSD depression anxiety … I have AB negative blood /chemical imbalance so my body rejects alot of things I’ve been in and out of ICU from my body rejecting medications that my Dr. tried giving me nothing has helped I have no motivation will to do anything …. please help!


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    AdviseASH: I responded to you in another post.

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