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    It has been 2 years now since I had an existential crisis, a lot of things have changed since I have been developing my spiritual life, quit uni and decided to come back home and do what I love. Although I am slowly recovering from this, a question remains in my mind constantly: When will I meet my future husband?
    Since so much change has occurred I have cut all ties with past friends, I find I have less and less to say to people around me. So this question has been haunting me for some time now and any insight I receive might end up helpful. Since my set of interests are very ‘weird’ for people here, I find myself not interested in men in my country at all. I do wish to have a family in the future but I don’t want to settle just for the sake of settling. I have learnt through this phase that I have suppressed my abilities since a child which i am learning more about. Moreover, I am discovering about my soul and things beyond this planet.


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    You are not weird but you you vibrate at a higher frequency than most folks. Seek out people who are positive, loving and spiritual. Do not settle. Be friends first and romance can follow.

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