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    May 20th was the day me and my ex officially broke up and I was wondering if he’ll ever talk to me again, if he’ll ever be back in my life and when? When will I get a job and will it be soon?, Did I get a diploma?


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    The relationship: The energy of May 20th is chaotic and strong. I see two people arguing. Much drama, tears, and some shouting. There is an energy of finality that I sense.
    The energy of his return is not strong. The guidance that you seek is here. Step into this new energy of you without attachment to old energy, and trust that all is happening as it should. Do not doubt that you have made the right decision. Ascended Master, El Moyra, steps forward to say, “Why do you doubt yourself?” Acknowledge the energy at hand, trust yourself with the full faith that the Universe is supporting you. You are a competent and powerful decision maker, stop vacillating. Trust your decision. The energy that is present to assist you in this situation is knowing your truth, being your truth, living your truth. Be true to yourself. To heal release two things: limits and judgment. The first benevolent act you can honestly perform is the one that frees you from the chains of chaos and suffering by walking your path without hesitation. It is the hesitation that is holding limits. It is the hesitations that is creating the false judgments. Be free to be kind and thoughtful. Stand in your power. You are stronger that you give yourself credit.

    The JOB: That which you seek is within your reach. Release the energy that makes you feel unworthy of something better. I sense a six to eleven month probability of getting a job.
    The number eleven came up with this reading in regards to your job. Eleven says: It is time to stop seeking and start receiving. The divine love of the universe is ever offering you gifts and they cannot be fully discovered until you offer the gift of reverence and reunion with your divine nature. Let the symbol of this number be your reminder and allow your heart to lead. Discover those around you who share your ideas, dreams and visions. Open yourself to greater potential by calling forth the energy of your dreams. Create that which you want. It is time to release want and need and embrace abundance. There are many choices and options around you now. Look at what is happening around you. What are the lessons to be learned (not only for your past relationship, but past jobs)? What have you been asked to review? What is it that you are really dedicated to? If you are not sure, then pay attention to the primary energies (chaos, poverty, ill health, love, joy, peace, abundance, etc.) that are around you now. What are you ready to express? If you are enjoying yourself, then celebrate, and if you are not enjoying yourself, celebrate that clarity is within your reach. Seek and you shall find. If you are expressing yourself each day without receiving the gift of self-acceptance and joy filled interactions, then it is time to call these into your life. If your life reflects these loving energies in motion, then be sure you are not hiding, and that you are a guide for others along the way.
    Are you the star in your own life? Why or why not? Create that which you want by focusing on what you want, love, and enjoy.
    I hear that patience is needed to navigate the current job/love situation. Be patient with yourself and others. Love surrounds you. Love yourself first. Willpower will get you through this.

    Diploma: Yes

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