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    If you have a reoccurring dream with another person in the dream is that psychic ability? Like am I picking up on an event for the future or the thoughts and feelings of the other person?


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    Hello cleo123:
    I do not know if this helps at all, but I can share my experience with a reoccurring dream, (nightmare, really), and the result. I was a child about six years old, and I used to get this nightmare almost every night if, I remember correctly. It was one of those that you feel is really happening, and despite what I was witnessing it was very peaceful, in a sense. I was not frantic, screaming, or running for my life, but I did not like it and wished I was not alone, or did not have to see it. It was horrific, and the same every night, not wanting to go to sleep.
    Here is the thing, I still remember it vividly, and after so many, many years finally understand its meaning, although not really important, here. This reoccurring dream became very personal, and I never told anyone. This is when I discovered my “inner self,” I guess and opened the door to the spiritual world. I do not think you want all the details, but I believe dreams are a way to look further into yourself to find its meaning and discovering much more if you keep searching.
    Obviously, not everything is logical otherwise, unanswered questions would not exist. This is only my personal interpretation, and not everyone will agree, but I do believe dreams are just a part of our psychic abilities. When we sleep our minds are calm, and without obstructions being awake creates.
    I tend to “talk” too much at times, but with good intentions. I hope my experience helps you discover the meaning of yours. Thank you for allowing me to share.


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      There are no written rules, but for most people reoccurring dreams are a result of emotional, mental and spiritual blocks. It’s like oil coming to the surface of a glass of water. I guess it’s the universe telling us we have unresolved issues we need to address.

      Once a person has done a reasonable amount of internal personal work, these types of things won’t generally happen, or at least as much. At this point, one’s dreams become more psychic based. This is rare though as most people won’t do the work required to reach this level.

      There are specific methods for determining the difference between “junk dreams” and “psychic dreams” and we cover this in our training program.

      Hope this helps

      - Dale Sellers

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