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    I have been married since I was 18. I am now 25 and severely unhappy and curious about other men. I am hoping to move out soon and start new; however, I am not looking foward to breaking his heart since he still loves me, well the girl he fell in love with but I have changed. Will this divorce happen soon and be a success? I am terrified of my future and if I will find love again because I don’t even know if I deserve it after hurting him.


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    When I read this, I sensed a rough time period for you when going forward with this divorce, a pain in my gut telling me to say this to you. You are not wrong for wanting to experience new, you got married young it is only natural to want new experiences with others, as well as just in life itself. But, I do sense a once deep connection between you and your husband, and that feeling of wanting to experience new is what has caused some of the negative issues you two may be experiencing. The advice I have for you is to be open and honest with your husband about these feelings you are having. Tell him exactly what you want. You never know, maybe he does too. I feel in my gut that you need to talk to him before you jump into any decisions, maybe make a decision together about you straying for a while, you guys taking a break and figuring out what you really want. That way, in the end, if he is really what you wanted it wont be too late to go back. I feel a sense of regret about you leaving him, like you leave him and have the time of your life with all of the new, but when the new wears off i sense pain, jealousy and regret. Maybe him moving on after the divorce, or while still going through it. Maybe a baby with someone else, or a new engagement. So, if i were you i would be careful on jumping into things and decisions. I truly do wish you success, and the best life possible. I hope everything works out in your favor and you recieve nothing but blessings and happiness.

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