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    Hello my name is Joey am new here
    Wanna ask if psychic abilities are real


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    I would say they definitely are. I suggest looking at scientific proof such as:


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    Hello joeyphrilz:
    I am just a member here that has yet to engage since joining, but I am going to start here, I suppose, with my personal opinion. I hope I am in keeping within the rules and regulations, because it is with the best intentions I am responding.
    Psychic abilities are only questionable if you choose to question it. If I told you I have psychic abilities would you believe me? If I did a reading for you would you come up with reasons for my knowing certain details of your life without ever meeting you, or knowing your name? Are you questioning your psychic abilities, because you have no way of validation? There is a reason you ask, and I think you already know the answer for one reason or another, but now what?
    Being a psychic and trusting in psychics are two different things, understandably. In either case, it is a personal experience, and as, real you determine the experience. I, guess my stating “You are the only one that can answer if psychic abilities are real,” is another way of answering your question. (I wonder if this is why people seldom ask me questions?)
    I hope I helped at, least a little in answering your question.
    Stay true and trust in yourself. All the best….

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