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    I want to know if deep down he feels the same way about me, but is just hiding his true feelings. I get these vibes from him that he feels the same way about me, but I don’t want to make our friendship weird. He knows that I have feelings for him, but he won’t open up and tell me how he truly feels about me. I sense his feelings, but what can I do to get him to open up to me about how he really feels?


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    I sense your confused feelings reading this, and trying to tune into his feelings, i sensed a growing love in my heart. I sensed a deep connection, and major feelings. But i also sensed a fear. Maybe he’s scared that you won’t feel the same. Or maybe something along the lines of him being hurt before by a past relationship or let down by someone he loves that is holding him back from making the first move. My advice to you, is time is of the essence. Speak on how you feel! You never know what the outcome will be, but if you follow your gut, and your heart the chances of happiness are likely in your favor. I wish you the best, and a life full of blessings!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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