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    Anyone want to give it a go? My oldest Daughter Miranda who now is 12. When I was pregnant with her my pictures had orbs around my pregnant belly and me. When a picture was taken immediately after birth we capture these beautiful orbs and lights many others as well. One had an overload od tiny white orbs. The other picture is both my daughters. When Miranda was able to talk she would tell me she sees a shadow this happened over time at different times but she would tell me when she tried to focus it would disapear to quickly. Growing up she would freak out in crowded areas parades, small over populate rooms, etc. a few years ago she saw the shadow again befor puberty and drew a picure told me she couldnt make a face but it was tall, long arms, and big ears. My past intuitive Friend also said my 2 Daughters are intuitive my oldest more so then my youngest. My oldest also told me she can see colors around People and sense emotions. Anyone care to take a shot?


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