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    I have a question about my colleges and education.

    1.) Will I be able to transfer & accepted my prospective colleges for Fall 2010 admission? I am applying to colleges in the New York area, New England Region (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut,) , Michigan, North Carolina (Duke University), and the Ivy League schools. The Ivy League schools are 1.) Brown University, 2.) Columbia University, 3.) Cornell University, and 4.) Yale University.

    I do not want to be in my homestate anymore.

    2.) Will I earned good grades and a good GPA for the spring 2010 academic semester? I am struggling in one of my classes which is English: Argumentative & Research and I do not know to do. Does spirit have any insight for me.


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    Since you are so focused on transferring to another university, and you are giving youself a wide range of options, it is likely that you will be accepted at one or more of these locations. You might find youself needing to make a choice.

    As for the subject that you are struggling with, you already know that you must make this a priority with studying. If you diligently apply yourself to this you will most likely be successful.

    Best of Luck to you!

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