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    Is my boyfriend Kevin Brown 81869 still cheating on me Ashley Mobley 2385?


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    If your boyfriend cheated on you and your still trying to figure if he is still cheating on you, why would you want to be with a guy who you Lost trust ? I know its cuz he cheated but I feel that no matter what, that question is ALWAYS going to be the subject in the relationship. Its Not healthy for you !


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    I TOTALLY agree with mari123 if he has cheated on you before, and could still possibly be cheating, why be with this guy? He’s not trustworthy, and since he’s doing something like this it show he doesn’t care enough about your feelings. I’m so sorry that you feel he’s hurting you again. But you deserve to be happy. If you still love him though sit down with him and talk it out. I wish you the best of luck!

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