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    I’m about to take important classes that will effect my future career but I’m not sure if I want my career to be in the medical field or in aerospace engineering. I like them both a lot so I’m having a hard time choosing one. How can I chose?


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    Either are great fields. Ask yourself these questions 1) do you prefer people or working with things 2) which field would lead to a job 3) how much education do you need for either 4)do you desire to serve man ( medicine)


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    You could ask yourself what in particular about each field that interests you. Whether it’s the wellness of people, just helping and working with people, the technical expertise, or environment. Then you could try to find out what jobs in each field would offer those things. Like options. There’s different departments in aerospace that allow you oversee things and make sure things comply, like quality. That has to do with care and safety. And so forth.

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