Boyfriend dealing with a lot and what does that mean for our future?

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    My boyfriend is dealing with a lot at the moment- his ex (and I guess he is still getting over parts of that), his ex trying to restrict his son from seeing him (he hardly sees him as it is) as well as what he wants to do for a job, his future (which is stresses about), and whether he wants a relationship or just wants to be single forever.

    I feel like all of the added stress has made him question ‘us’ and made him doubt whether he wants a relationship or not. He was burnt really badly by his ex (she cheated-not sure if he actually is aware of this but I was told by his Mum and sister that’s what happened) and then left him and he had no idea where he went wrong as he always did his best by her- he is genuinely that kind of guy. It’s taken him a bit to get over it, and now she is going to buy a house with this new guy (that she was cheating on him with) and it has rocked him a bit as it was meant to be their plan (with their son). He hasn’t really given me a fair go and has always held himself back because of this. He thinks the world of me and never wants to hurt me (and I know and believe that 100%).

    Anyway, he is going to a psychologist and I have taken a bit of a step back so he can focus on himself and getting his head straight, but I’m wondering if you can see us getting there? Like can you see him being set free from his struggles and will he chose to give me a proper shot when this happens? I’ll wait and always be there for him but I need to know there’s a light at the end of this, for him and for us.

    Thank you!

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