Blocked dreaming

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    Hi , just a concern in having for quite a few years ; motorcycle accident about 7 years ago has stopped my ability to have dreams or dreams that I could ever remember anything about . I have small tid bits of random pictures of things ,not much of anything making sense ,nothing with anything clear or of any way of making heads or tails of any of the info.Am I now completely blocked from dreaming ?


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    I doubt it. I’m not getting a psychic sense there is a huge reason you can’t ever have dreams again. According to mainstream psychology, we only use about 10% of our brain most of the time anyway. Most people don’t even use dreams anywhere near to the potential that is possible. If you want to develop your perception, which includes dreaming, there are methods for doing this. You can get back to where you were, and much further. Dreams can even be used to access psychic insights. I use to not dream at all, but when I got some training, a whole new realm opened up for me. I do a lot of lucid dreaming these days. Take a look at the psychic training course offered on this site. It has a whole lesson on dreams, which is very detailed. Helped me!


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      Lissa74 – please reply with a response. Replying with feedback is your way of showing appreciation to the time and effort of other members – so give back when others give to you!

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