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    I have tried a few psychics online in my quest for answers. Finding it hard to trust what they are telling me. I asked in particular about an ex, worried that they may be telling me what i want to hear as oppossed to having psychic ability. Tried amy from psychic source, rheda dollinger psychic source and paige psychic source who all say he is a soulmate and they see marriage and we are meant to be together. I have my doubts. Has anybody here dealt with these psychics or could recommend a psychic online that has been accurate for them? Many thanks


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    If he isn’t accurate, there is a money back guarantee: here you go:


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    I had a session with Dale a few days ago and it was so accurate it would be scary if I didn’t trust and believe in the training here. I think you will be very greatful you went with him!


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    Dale Sellers is one of the most accurate psychics you can use. I have used him for almost 20 years in areas of relationship, finances, career, and most recently to determine if the other well on our property would produce water for our household (the water on the well we were using had lowered so much we no longer had running water in our home.) So…from love, money, work, to water…always spot on with his readings.
    Dale also assisted a close family member after an attempted suicide. His compassionate psychic counseling assisted this person to continue living a productive life.
    I almost went bankrupt using online psychics from a well-known website. All they wanted was my money, and each one told me something different in my quest for answers. Compared to this charlatans, Dale is the real deal, and at great rates!
    I AM very biased, and would never consider a reading from anyone else.

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