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    I’ve recently fallen down this Alice-In-Wonderland rabbithole of psychic ability. Well, I’ve been aware of a certain amount of it my whole life but recently it really has snowballed into a whole new level.

    However, I have had pretty much 0 guidance on how to manage it and so have had to figure it out myself on instinct. Thankful to find this community that I’ve been looking for for so long and I do fully intend to sign up to the training programmes. However — Just quickly, I do need help with an issue, if anyone can be kind enough to offer.

    As I’m going to sleep, after I close my eyes, I am very aware visually with my third eye and I see energy everywhere, flashing images, all sorts. I’m having trouble getting to sleep because it plagues me and its not always easy to get some peace.

    – Whisps of white smoke with faces tend to go right up into my face, sometimes I get “hit” with it as in I physically uncontrollably jolt. Sometimes I am able to banish them and other times it is difficult to / they tend to stubbornly stick harder and sometimes despite banishing them, its not long before something else comes or it returns.

    – Sometimes, non-physically entities communicate with me using flashing words and images, often messages that I cross-check the information the next day and turn out to be true. I’ve received both messages from beings I don’t mind, being benevolent/benign, and other times different beings that I do not wish to be communicating with at all.

    – Sometimes I get “pulled away” by said beings or I just naturally flow away myself. I see, almost like a rushing tunnel in my minds eye and I’m taken somewhere else where I either have flashing outlines of scenes before me or I have very realistic lucid visions. I don’t know if this is what “Astral Projecting” is? But yes I’ve had a night where said-being was very stubborn in pulling me away and I found this difficult.

    Basically, I’m aware that with my psychic ability opening up that I am kind of a lighthouse attracting things, and I would like to know how to hide myself / shut down the lighthouse, and protect myself so I can go to sleep sound.

    Thank you for your consideration and patience in reading this post,

    Kind regards,



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    I’d first say that everyone is psychic: it’s a natural human experience. It’s science. Sounds like you are more aware of it and experiencing it more than the average person. Anybody can open these doors. Most just choose not to. I’ve had many similar experiences to what you describe, and a whole lot more. To control these things, I’d get focused on what you expect to happen and what you are curious about. These two factors control the flow of physic information to a great degree. For example, if you lay down at night, are you expecting things to occur? Also, are you curious about what’s next? This will pull these experiences to you. Play around to shifting your focus to something else. This simple beginning-level step can really help sometimes. There are more effective methods I personally use, but I can’t go into great detail here. Big caution: rather than shutting down your abilities, why not learn to better control them, focus them, filter them, etc? You can do great things with psychic awareness and ability. It can make life much easier, less painful, and exciting. Psychic ability is a result of tapping into the other 90% of you brain that most people ignore. I’d be cautions about trying to dumb yourself down. Books can help a little sometimes, but I’d suggest getting some legitimate training to help understand and get better control over these things. There is training offered here, and you might be able to find something elsewhere. It’s completely possible to function with wide-open psychic perception in life and still maintain control. The ones who can’t do it just don’t know how. Most are also too stubborn to get help, so be careful about letting ego get in the way of getting legit training.


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      EnergySeer – please reply with a response. Replying with feedback is your way of showing appreciation to the time and effort of other members – so give back when others give to you!

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