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      Since 2015 following an illness, I have developed a connection to the spirit world. I have been told by numerous spiritual advisors and mediums that my path is to be a healer as well as a messenger for the spirit world. I suppose I’m looking for confirmation that this is true and what my next step is. At this moment I feel stuck and unsure what I should do.
      Thank you
      Christina Marie


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          Sometimes an event can speed it up, but everybody has the ability to develop spiritual awareness and abilities (psychic perception, healing abilities, manifestation ability, mediumship, etc).

          In a matter a few months, most people can develop wide open spiritual perception – if they have the proper training and guidance. It’s actually an easy process. There are various paths for achieving this, and there always has been. My opinion is that most people just don’t do it because they are either lazy, brainwashed, stubborn, arrogant, satisfied with mediocrity, or irrationally skeptical.

          In fact, these things can be achieved very quickly. In our trials with thousands of people, we’ve take small sub groups and run them through specific processes. Wide open spiritual awareness was achieved quickly. The problem is most people don’t have to the tools to be comfortable in life right away with this type of awareness/ability.

          This is why we spread out our training program over a period of time (10 months). Otherwise, it can be like giving someone liquid LSD and expecting them to function well in life. Not a good thing to do to somebody!

          For next steps, I would suggest getting legitimate metaphysical training. You can do this with us or elsewhere (see our Life Mastery Program). I’ve met many “natural” psychics and healers over the years, and while good at what they do sometimes, many tend to be scattered, sloppy, sickly, and air heads because they don’t know how to manage, control, and focus their gifts. Proper training will help you with this.

          PS: watch out for big fluffy courses where you never get to work directly from the author/creator. We’ve had opportunities (MindValley, etc) to do this with our training, and we didn’t. A massive commercialized course is a watered-down approach that gives people limited, if any, results.

          Good luck on your journey.

          - Dale Sellers

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