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    Hi, im new here! I want to know peoples thoughts on how they deal with/ overcome attachment in relationships. Are your views that its healthy or unhealthy to be attached?
    thankyou guys


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    Being attached can be healthy or unhealthy. When our lives depend on another it can become symbolic and unhealthy. We need to form health attachments. Not psychic just life experience here.


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    I just came out of a 12 year relationship, my attachment was unhealthy but necessary as I finally know had the strength to end it and now happy knowing I am now stronger in my self-esteem and self respect.

    If you are in love with “each other” then it’s a healthy attachment. Takes a lot of work to maintain a long-term relationship, when one partners feelings change but the other still loves whole heartedly, the unhealthy zone sneaks in. Always communicate, keep working to reinforce each other’s bond. Don’t walk away untill you know with in yourself that staying is only damaging each other further.

    Just remember no one’s life really depends on another’s, it all depends on you and what you believe you need, just don’t mistake wanting for needing.

    These are my thoughts and the reasons why I had the strength the end it and take on raising my kids alone.

    The negative energies and mostly gone now and both my children and myself are much happier.

    Thanks for listening and hope it’s brings some words for thought. “Everything begins with a thought”


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