Am I waiting around for nothing?

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    I feel as though I am waiting around for someone to forgive me. False hope perhaps. I want to believe that they will come around and initiate conversation but I don’t know how long I can wait for. I hurt someone badly over the things I said and my actions but I am remorseful.
    So my question is, am I waiting for something to come of this or should I give up?


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    Hi, I feel you actually need to forgive yourself first. It can be hard to do this, but until you do it will be hard for others to forgive you. So dont give up on forgiving you, and when you do that you will be ok, the other will also forgive you in time, and it will take time, but your relationship won’t be the same again. However, take this as a valuable learning about yourself, and it won’t then be a mistake.


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    I think it might make you feel better if you try to communicate with that person and tell them that your sorry, remorseful. Even if they might not forgive you at that moment, knowing that they know your sorry, will make you feel much better.


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    Hey there,
    I understand you feel bad about what you’ve done. Everyone has some sort of regret or mistake they feel bad about. But if you’ve hurt this person you should be the first to apologize. Because that person could get the impression you meant what you said since you aren’t apologising first. I know its hard sometimes but I can tell you care for this person. And I’m sure they will forgive you. Best of luck.

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