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    Im struggling with addiction. Thinking about going to the beach tonight and getting away from the Temptation and attempting to detox. Should I go?


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    If your asking that question my friend than you already posses the strength and will to make a positive change. I have no problem with drugs cause i understand the importance of feeling connected. As humans we are governd by emotions, we seek comfort and connection. Even if it is connection to drugs, in short thats what we had as an individual to connect with while theres no one there. From your profile pic theres alot of meaning in your life. Use her as your biggest ally in your upcoming war against your addiction. Its a very hard road to travel no matter the substance, so words to the wise once you decide to stop there will be 1 million things that will make you think your not doing the right thing. To combat them just remember that its only in your head and she needs you to be there for her as long as you can. Hope this helps good luck brother. Aloha

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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