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    I had a strange dream last night.I am hoping someone could help explain the meaning of it.This wasn’t just an ordinary dream ,seeing as though I keep thinking about it and can remember it for the most part in detail.For some reason I feel numb but also weirded out whenever I think of this dream.So to start the dream was of me sleeping in a mental health facility (which I have been to in the past but in this dream it didnt seem ordinary like any facility I ever went to ). I woke up and stole this blue liquid/substance pouches from the nurse’s office that they had there.The pouch/bag things said “do not inject full bag into body 90% chance of heartattack” I was so confused but in my dream I seemed to be drawn by the pouch .So after i stole the pouches and hid them in my pockets I was discharged from the facility.Shortly after leaving I was at home in the bathroom looking in the mirror.I just looked and stared at myself.Then I checked if everyone was asleep.After I saw everyone was asleep I started looking for a vein and finally found one I then put a needle that was filled with the blue fluid in the pouch into my vein and started pushing down until the fluid was entirely in my body.I emptied the whole pouches into my body and there was a cut in which I could see my bone through because i accidentally stabbed my arm with it .As i lay dying my family was all around me and I ended up trying to get up in which I eventually did and I got away but passed out.Eventually I woke up in the hospital and remember there being stitches in my arm .Lastly I remember falling asleep in my dream then I woke up and that was the end of my dream.Does anyone think this could all be a warning or just randomness? You know cause sometimes dreams can be random and meaningless or so I’ve heard.


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    My specialty is not diagnosing dreams, but I will share what I’ve learned from my own study and experiences. I’d say most dreams are garbage dreams. It’s all of our subconscious fears, insecurities, resentments coming out. Sometimes there’s good things mixed in too. Sometimes dreams can be psychic dreams. It’s tricky to tell the difference between psychic dreams and junk dreams, but I’ve seen that psychic dreams often have more clarity, and color. I’ve also seen that many dreams people have are psychic dreams from others. You think it’s your event, but it’s actually your co-worker or friend’s event. I’ve had this happen several time. Hope this helps.

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