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    I’m still learning and practicing “spiritual manifestation” and so far I can personally attest that it works for me! When I think about something I not only think, I feel…I live the part and play the role as if I’ve already received what I want. Call me crazy but it works. Another thing that I’m discovering and that kinda creeps me out (in a good way) is that sometimes I think of something and give it the least or slightest thought and it manifests quicker than when I think deeply or live in the embodyment of my desire. So now I’m trying to deliberately control how to make it work faster… when I think of it a lot it manifests but just not as fast as I would have it…when I barely give it a thought and just picture it with my minds eye, it manifests almost instantly (and by it I mean my desires). So at this point there isn’t a doubt in my mind that it works, it just works selectively I think, sometimes fast and sometimes slow. I’m still reading and training my mind to be a master at this so I’m taking it one step at a time. But it’s powerful…very powerful.


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    It would be wonderful if you would jump in and answer some of these psychic questions. An online spiritual community can never have too many gifted intuitives.


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    That sounds totally amazing.
    Nice work.


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