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    My question is a relationship question. Her name is Patricia Leal (12/23/1964) and Iโ€™m Ruben Espinoza (12/23/1954) and we met about 4 months ago and we both fell quickly for each other and we hit it off instantly, and we both felt this great spiritual connection and it was as if it was by no accident that we were brought together, but rather by God! And things were going great, but then Tuesday of last week she decided to end our long distance relationship without any explanation and for no reason that I’m aware of, and it has left me with a lot of answered questions and with a broken heart and I’m constantly depressed and I can’t eat or sleep; and I feel like a lost soul looking for answers! And so my question is, do you see us getting back together and I sense that there might be someone else in her life, maybe?? Thank you for your response, Respectfully Ruben ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


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    First of all –I want to say that I am so sorry that you were hurt this way. When you mention “long distance” relationship, I get the sense that geographicaly you were not that far apart, however circumstances kept you from being together on a regular or consistent basis.

    I am sorry to say that I sense she had another involvement during the time that the two of you were together. In the 4 months that you were together, how much did you really learn about her background?

    I can see only a very slight chance that the two of you might reconnect, however it might be brief. There is someone else with whom she has a strong connection.

    If you look around you, there are at least two other women who would be interested in getting to know you and would appreciate your kind, sensitive demeanor. I urge you to give friendship a try, then move forward.

    Please let us know how you are doing–

    Kathy N.


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    Hi Ruben,
    Although I am not one of the lucky gifted, I am just replying in hopes that it will place things in a bit of prospective.Please whatever you do, do not let this break carry on with you into the next relationship, because sometimes when our hearts get broken we tend to place such a huge guard on our hearts in order to not get hurt again (this is not helpful only harmful/nothing gets in nor out this way). In time your heart will heal and once you have gotten yourself back together pick yourself up and keep moving forward. Just take this time to relax and to paint a mental image of what type of person that you wish to attract to yourself/people sometimes mirror who we are, the reflection depends on our outlook on life). I know this one is a toughy, but just be patient and take your time there is no grand rush (contrary to what society dictates). You will know when the time is right (when in doubt just go with your gut instincts). Always love yourself, because if you cannot learn to love yourself how can you expect to give love to anyonelse (I have been told this one alot myself lol, but hey it is 100% true). That special person will come in time, but in the meantime just have fun and enjoy life because it is indeed very precious (they say love tends to find us when we least expect it).

    Best wishes and Good luck to you,
    Lisa (aka kitana57)

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