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    Hi again Kathy,
    Thank you so much for giving me some glimmer of hope because right now I really need to move out of the current environment for which I have found myself (and it is a small part of my problem). I need to live elsewhere and I am hoping by this year to secure enough to do just that (because this stress is slowly starting to take it’s toll literally). It is really hard to be positive when you are always surrounded by negativity and drama. I am really sorry to have stayed on this one particular subject forever and a day and I do appreciate all of your insight I guess the frustration of getting absolutely no where it seems coupled with this negative environment are starting to drag me down. However, thank you for putting the positive aspects into prospective for because as you can see negativity blindness (not being able to see past the horizon or the positive aspects of life) can really barricade, veil, or place a huge obstacle in your path. Believe me I have tried meditation, but the only way it really will work is if you remain calm , focused, and grounded (none of which is my current state of mind frame). As you can see I am not used to being on the receiving end of things I like to give more and at times more than I even have to give in the first place (confessions of a hapless people pleaser lol). Thanks to your advice I guess I will just have to dig deep within the recesses of my mind and find the strength to endure and try to focus on what is necessary to obtain the required results. It is true what they say your attitude does indeed determine your altitude:)


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    If you can possibly make at least (3) job applications each business day, that should help to increase your odds. If you can look for the type of work where experience that you have is needed, that would also be a plus.

    Once you secure employment, then you can begin to save and prepare for what comes next. If you can think in stages,ie; one step at a time that might help you to plan and create long term goals within yourself. You can’t do everything right now.

    Best wishes,

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