28 years old recently homeless and Completely lost ..help me

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    I have had r.a. since i was 13. In recent years it has affected me in ways most people cant understand. Jobs fire me for attendance issues and not being able to keep up and ive applied for disability but keep getting denied. Im homeless and bouncing around place to place and have always been stable so im not used to this. Also i met this girl who i thought understood and loved me but she found out she was pregnant and immediately left back to her estranged husband. Im really hurt and tons of chaos rules my life at the moment. Please someone help me to take a step into the future i deserve because my heart is giving out and im losing the will i use to be so proud of.


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    Hello, Confused.
    You know those really quiet times when you’re sitting there and gazing into nature while thinking about how beautiful it all is? Those are the times when your wishes and dreams come to fruition. I will ask you to never give up and to keep a positive attitude. I understand that you feel like you are at the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, but I do see happiness and prosperity in your future so long as you keep pushing as hard as you can to keep going.


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    I’m getting a pull that your job is the first priority. I keep getting a sense about you working with some type of organic farming community or something similar to this. I’ve seen these before. You get board, food and support. Something like this might be the alternative lifestyle that you need at this point in your life. Get yourself stabilized and then start creating your life from that point forward. Also, be careful about making excuses for why you can’t do something before you even try it.

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