Are You Facing A Crisis With A Relationship, Your Career, Or Another Area Of Your Life? Are You Ready To Get Past The Suffering And Confusion?

Are You Facing A Crisis With A Relationship, Your Career, Or Another Area Of Your Life? Are You Ready To Get Past The Suffering And Confusion?

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Hello, I'm Dale Sellers, President of LifeLeap Institute.

Whether it's with the romantic area of your life, your career or your life goals, an Intuitive Counseling session with me will help to stop the suffering, pain, and confusion. It's about making your life easier, successful, and healthier.

Using Intuitive Ability from 25 years of training and experience, I will give you the answers, direction, and understanding you need.

Follow in the footsteps of thousands of clients I've had over the years, and get the clarity and deep-down sense of peace that you deserve.

There is no risk to you - I give you Solid Proof of my intuitive abilities or you don't pay - 100% Money Back Guarantee

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"Dale, again and again, not only is a dynamic speaker, but an amazingly accurate intuitive. He is talented and compassionate. It is evident through his demonstrations, both private and public, that his source of perception is the higher power."

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Life can be very painful. Maybe you are in a relationship with someone who just isn't meeting you half way. It hurts so much, but you can't decide if you should stay or leave. You need answers and you need them fast - so you can make a decision.

Or maybe you are committed to stay, but there is an overwhelming challenge that just won't go away. You've tried counselors, the advice of friends, everything – but the issue never seems to get better.

The pain from your romantic life is bleeding over into your career, your family relationships, and preventing you from accomplishing your life goals.

Maybe the romantic side of your life is OK, but you are suffering in your career. You dread going to work every day, but you don't know what to do next. Or maybe you have a business, and you just can't seem to fix the problems that are preventing you from getting ahead.

If any of this hits home, an Intuitive Counseling session with me could be the solution.

Using intuition, I will resolve the questions that are causing you confusion. Next, I will tell you exactly what steps to take so you can immediately start solving the issues.

Develop Your Intuition

"I was not sure what to expect. I was nervous and, truthfully, was afraid of being scammed. So many psychics I have seen on TV seem to have their heads in the clouds."

"By the way, the guarantee is real and there is no pressure involved. When I finally hung up after my reading, I felt better than I had in months. I have a clearer sense of direction and more insight into many issues I am facing in my life right now."

Intuition Chat

What Is Intuitive Ability?

The Advanced Scientific research conducted by Stanford University, Princeton University, the CIA, Duke University, and countless others offer solid proof that intuitive abilities are real.

At the same time, movies and television give people distorted ideas about intuitive ability. Our culture teaches us that intuition isn't real, that it's dangerous or evil, or that it can only be achieved by certain "gifted" individuals.

"Research in human pattern recognition and decision-making suggest that there is a 'sixth sense' through which humans can detect and act on unique patterns without consciously and intentionally analyzing them."

Office Of Naval Research
from current study by US Navy
Arlington, Va, USA

Many people believe intuition is some mystical force only accessible by tarot cards, crystal balls, or chicken bones.

But let me ask you, have you ever had any of these experiences:

  • Thought of someone you haven't seen in a while and then saw or heard from them shortly afterwards?

  • When in conversations with others, finished their sentences with specific details that you could have not gained through your own reasoning?

  • Had the sensation of someone watching you and turned to find someone staring at you?

  • Experienced a unique event during the dream state and then later had it happen?

  • Had the sense that someone at a distant location was in danger, and later found out you were correct?

Intuition is what makes these types of experiences possible. It can be seen simply as a way of knowing or sensing the truth. But it's related to a deeper level of reality that goes far beyond the five senses.

Top scientists and spiritual leaders throughout the world agree a "universal intelligence" connects us to everything and to every moment in time. This is similar to how the computer works that you are using right now.

For someone who doesn't know anything about computers, it appears to be just another machine. But in all reality, most computers are tapped into a global intelligence (the internet) that makes an overwhelming degree of communication possible.

Develop Your Intuition

"The evidence for psychic ability is so strong, that one could not reasonably or statistically deny the evidence."

"As a physicist, I'm comfortable for the first time saying that we've proven the existence of psychic abilities, no longer studying it, investigating it, we don't have to apologize for ESP."

"The evidence has now been presented from research laboratories from all over the world, and it makes it clear that the phenomenon we're looking at is genuine."

Russell Targ, Ph.D.
Columbia University Degree
Management at Lockheed Martin
Developed the CIA Stargate Project

Intuitive ability operates in much of the same way.

Although it's tricky to understand how it works, many great achievers, like CEOs, world leaders, and humanitarians, credit their success to intuition.

Whether it's called a hunch, a gut feeling, or a psychic insight, intuition is often the key source behind the important decisions of these great minds

Many well known people have openly claimed to rely on intuition, from a professional or from within themselves: Abraham Lincoln, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, William Shatner, Deepak Chopra, Brad Pitt and many more.

Develop Your Intuition

"Often you have to rely on intuition."

Bill Gates
Founder & Chairman
Microsoft Corporation

My sessions use this power of intuition to help you get the results you want in your life. Again, this potential of intuition has been proven to exist and has been used by some of the most credible sources of information, such as Princeton University, the United States Army, and the United Nations.

At the same time, controlling intuitive ability at will, for a specific purpose, repeatedly and accurately, requires specialized training and development.

Over 25 years of this type of training and experience allow me to provide this unique service.

What Exactly Is Intuitive Counseling?

Intuitive Counseling with me is a professional session designed to help you get through any critical issues you are facing. It's about helping you to create more clarity, love, and happiness. This service is about improving any area of your life - your relationships, career, health, finances, or your personal growth.

My Intuitive Counseling Sessions are radically different from most other approaches to personal growth. I give you personalized intuitive insights to help you create solutions for the challenges in your life. This is done without the trickery and flakiness that is often associated with most "intuitive or psychic readings" such as:

  • Asking you trick questions and then giving you "intuitive impressions" based on what your answers revealed.

  • Sharing "intuitive insights" with you based on your body language or tone of voice.

  • Giving you general information that could apply to anyone such as "I see that you are having relationship issues."

  • Reading from a pre-written script as many "psychic network readers" are known to do.

  • Wasting your time by discussing shallow, unimportant issues, even if the intuitive insights I give you are accurate.

Intuitive Counseling consists of a session in which I access helpful information about your life from the "intuitive mind," rather than externally through the five basic senses. Again, I have this ability because of specialized training and experience. By combining my intuitive ability with my background in counseling, I'm able to offer you a complete approach to getting the results you want in your life.

I usually receive intuitive insights in the form of visual images, feelings, and words. Because the "intuitive mind" goes beyond the normal boundaries of time and space, the insights I share with you may be about the past, the present, or the future. Again, several credible sources, like Princeton University, have proven this feat to be possible.

Also, I may discuss events that have occurred or will occur at great distances from the actual Intuitive Counseling location. Science has also proven this is possible.

Develop Your Intuition

"When I first spoke with Dale, I was very skeptical and was very careful not to give him any information about why I was calling. To my surprise, without any conversation from me, he tuned into my problem and was quick to help me understand it."

"I was going through a divorce and I thought my future was uncertain. Dale was 100% accurate in his reading and everything worked out great because I followed his advice."

"The money and time that I spent was well worth it. I have used other famous clairvoyants (such as Sylvia Brown) and Dale was a lot better. Anytime that I have an issue about the future or present, I call Dale. He is the best clairvoyant that I have ever used. Way to go!!!!!"

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About My Training And Experience

As an Intuitive Counselor, I've assisted literally thousands of individuals, families, and corporations. I've accomplished this through my one-on-one sessions, classes, and speaking engagements.

I've helped people in all walks of life: business owners, doctors, psychologists, police officers, celebrities, homemakers, government officials, nurses, military officials, students, disabled people, CEOs, homemakers, artists, politicians, sales associates, millionaires, skeptics, scientists, just to name a few. Most of the people I've assisted are repeat clients.

I am a big believer that in order to help clients most effectively, an Intuitive Counselor should have a strong background of real intuition development training.

Just as it's unsafe to get under the scalpel of a "self taught" doctor, it doesn't make sense to put any trust in an unqualified Intuitive Counselor.

There is a great deal of responsibility that goes into sharing intuitive insights with a client. Although many hotlines claim to be for entertainment purposes only, Intuitive Counselors influence major decisions in people's lives every day - decisions that need be taken seriously and approached with the most respect.

While I've provided intuitive based services for many years, I've also worked in senior management positions of some of the bigger intuitive/psychic counseling firms. I was often in charge of screening new applicants to determine if true intuitive abilities existed.

While testing dozens of Intuitive Counselors, I discovered the individuals that had the most impressive level of intuitive accuracy had always received training from recognized intuition development schools/institutes. This factor always came out to be more important than the person's age, whether they were "born with the gift", or how many years of client experience they had acquired.

Develop Your Intuition

"I had never met Dale before. During the session, he hit on so many specifics, most of which there is no way he could have known. Not only did I get helpful information to make my life better, the session demonstrated a higher level of reality that I never knew existed."

"It changed my perception forever. Because I was so inspired, I decided to take the Life Mastery Program offered by the Institute - now I've improved my own abilities."

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This confirmed the choices that I made many years ago about my own path. Rather than teaching myself from just books or taking classes in the back of a new-age shop, I choose to enroll in a trusted intuition development training institute - a former military intelligence project with the U.S. Air force. Their methods are an accumulation of thousands of case studies involving real people.

Since the 1950s, they researched and tested what works and what doesn't work in developing intuitive ability. Through the years, they have trained many Intuitive Counselors who have worked with projects associated with NASA, the United Nations, the US Military Branches, various law enforcement agencies, and many major corporations.

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Celebrities, Police, ABC News & More

I also studied under and worked with the late Linda Georgian, the founder of Psychic Friends Network. You might have seen Linda on Larry King, Bill Maher, CNN, Montel or Entertainment Tonight. Her clients were US Presidents, FBI agents, Donald Trump, Ed McMahon and many other Hollywood celebrities.

At one point, Linda and I worked together so much, we were room-mates together in a condo on Hollywood Beach, Florida. Working and training with the most famous Intuitive Counselor in the world for so many years was truly a blessing for me. Linda's teachings inspired much of the training in the Life Mastery Program.

Through the Life Mastery Program, I've taught hundreds of people over the years how to develop their own intuitive abilities. My students include police officers, doctors, business owners, attorneys, military officials, you name it. You can learn more about my training program by contacting me.

Intuition Chat

Linda Georgian with Dionne Warwick

Along with providing services as a professional intuitive, I worked for years as a trained counselor in crisis centers, runaway shelters, and drug treatment facilities, helping people to deal with sexual abuse, addiction, low self-esteem, relationship issues, and taking life to the next level.

Although the services I offer now are strictly intuitive based, my background as a counselor still plays an important role in the work that I do. Not only am I able to provide the intuitive insights that a client needs, I'm able to help people make sense of what is discussed and see the deeper meanings of their circumstances.

"He has left many friends within this Agency and remains a valued member of our greater community."

Intuition Chat

As any other high-profile Intuitive Counselor, I've done my share of murder cases, missing person cases, and crime scenes investigations. Throughout the years, I've worked with different law enforcement agencies, military personal, and private detective firms - and I've been successful as you can see in my endorsements.

Through all of these experiences, I discovered that my heart is really not in this type of work. Unfortunately, many of these situations are hopeless and I don't like being subjected to the personal dangers involved in this type of work.

Because I'm more passionate about it, I tend to be better these days at helping people with personal life challenges such as career issues, relationship challenges, and personal growth matters. I've also developed quite a knack in assisting business owners and corporations with the challenges that they face.

Develop Your Intuition

"Dale hit the nail on the head. He is precise and accurate."

"I had an unsolved case in a sealed envelope. Dale was able to pinpoint the crime and the suspects name. He has been correct with my personal readings."

Intuition Chat

In the media world, I've been interviewed by the producers of the syndicated TV show "Psychic Detective." and ABC News. I also frequently get opportunities to appear on other TV and radio shows. I am listed as a leader in the Field of Intuition by Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, who personally invited me to his group at

On top of the qualifications that I've already mentioned, I've also received specialized training associated with Robbins Research International, Landmark Education, counseling psychology, and I've read thousands of books relating to human potential, metaphysics, quantum physics, philosophy, and business development.

All of my training and experience lead to one thing - I have what it takes to help you get the results you want, whether it's in relationships, career, health, or personal growth.

Is This Intuitive Counseling Right For You?

Do you need solutions now for any troubling issues in your life? Are you failing at solving these challenges with your personal reasoning? Is the best advice of your friends, family members, or counselors just not good enough?

These moments happen for everyone. It's during these times that we benefit the most from the guidance of a professional Intuitive Counselor.

Consider a session with me when:

  • You are overwhelmed about any decisions that you have to make. You feel like you are trapped in a maze and you don't know what path to take.

  • You have major challenges in a personal or business relationship that need to be resolved - unresolved situations that are eating away at you.

  • You have concerns about the true feelings, actions, or motivations of the people in your life.

  • You have concerns about an event occurring in the near future. You would like to know what is likely to come at you around the next corner.

  • Your life has become stressed or stagnate and you know something significant needs to change.

  • Instead of life on a treadmill, you want to accomplish the things you have always dreamed for your life faster and easier.

Develop Your Intuition

"Dale keyed into the major changes going on in my life and business right now. He pointed out some potential problems I didn't realize and gave me solutions on which to focus."

"I was unaware of these potential problems and they very well could have cost me several thousand dollars. He went above and beyond what I expected from him and that is what made this consultation a sound investment."

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What Will You Gain From Intuitive Counseling?

Direction: When you're at a fork in the road, I use my intuitive perception to help you determine what steps have to be taken to get you what you want. This often involves revealing new choices to you - options that you didn't know existed.

Discovery: I help you identify the actions in your life that are working and the ones that aren't. This allows you to avoid dead-end situations and instead, make the necessary changes to get the results you want.

Clarity: By using my intuitive ability to "focus in" on others, I help you to discover the true feelings, actions, and motivations of important people in your life. This allows you to know what steps you must take involving these people. This is helpful especially in situations where you may be getting the short end of the stick.

Simplicity: Intuitive Counseling is about saving you time and making your life easier by helping you avoid poor decisions that only make your life worse. You don't have to continually fall short of your goals. I help you discover the most direct path to what you would like to achieve.

Wisdom: With the intuitive insights I receive, you see the bigger picture surrounding the situations you are facing. This gives you the understanding and sense of peace that we all deserve.

Develop Your Intuition

"Dale is truly in a class by himself. Not only was he able to zero in on what was bothering me, he got to the core of my problems without my telling him anything beforehand."

"Dale was able to give me more advice and guidance in 35 minutes than a myriad of counselors had over many years!"

"With Dale's insight and wisdom, I am able to face my future with optimism, strength and hope."

Intuition Chat

What Should You Expect In An Intuitive Counseling Session?

I begin each session by using my intuitive perception to focus in on your life. I do this before you tell me anything about your circumstances. This gives you proof of my abilities.

As I intuitively look at your life, I "pick up" the most important issues you are facing. I usually first identify the reason that you set the appointment.

After I tell you what I see, I use my intuitive ability to reveal solutions for your challenges. When I am finished giving you my insights, you have the opportunity to ask additional questions.

I provide intuitive insights about all the levels of your life - the physical, emotional, mental, and the spiritual. I don't give you general information that could apply to anyone. I use intuitive ability to identify names, time-frames, and other specific details - insights that are unique to your life. Most of what I share will be new information for you.

You realize my abilities are accurate when I reveal facts about your life that I couldn't have known, except by using intuitive ability. Because I identify details about your past and present correctly, any new information I share with you has credibility.

Develop Your Intuition

"After speaking with Dale I was amazed at how accurate and intuitive he was."

"He is a compassionate man and motivated individual. I look forward to applying the exercises he has suggested in order to better myself."

Intuition Chat

What Separates This Intuitive Service From the "Intuitive Readings" Offered By Others?

Sometimes during a session, it's necessary to give intuitive insights into future events. I receive numerous follow-up calls from clients validating my predictions weeks, months, and even years after the session.

But unlike most commercial Intuitive Counselors or Psychics, I don't discuss petty future predictions like lotto numbers or the color of your next car. While these predictions can be entertaining and quite a novelty, especially if they're accurate, how does this benefit you in the long-run? Instead of trying to entertain you, I focus on what steps you can take right now to empower yourself.

I don't believe the future is fixed - I believe it can be influenced. So instead of focusing on what's going to happen, I focus more on what you can do to create the future you want.

This puts you more in control of your life instead of just being a victim or an observer on the sidelines.

Intuitive Counseling doesn't rely on any gimmicks like crystal balls, palm reading, tarot cards, channeled messages from aliens, or rocks with little drawings. And I won't tell you that someone cast a spell on you and that it needs to be removed (for a large fee)!

With my approach, I work directly with the part of our minds that are spiritually connected. My emphasis is on using this "universal link" to bring more empowerment into your life. Intuitive Counseling is simply about helping you take your life to the next level.

Develop Your Intuition

"My relationship had become cloudy as to status and direction - gave me the big picture point of view that enabled me to clear my vision and truly access what was before me."

Intuition Chat

Get Long-Term Intuitive Based Solutions, Not A Short-Term Fix

Instead of shallow details, I focus on the core issues and the solutions to those issues. It's about getting more control over your life, breaking destructive patterns, and being more active in getting what you want.

For example, if you are dealing with a challenge in a relationship, I use intuitive ability to see and discuss with you the different factors of your particular situation. Depending on the circumstances, I may look into the different people involved and their influence into your challenge, why the individuals involved are behaving as they are, how you may be participating in keeping the challenge present, and of course, what caused the situation to occur in the first place.

By helping you to see the deeper factors surrounding your situation, you are in a better place to understand what decisions that you need to make and what other steps that you need to take to get the outcome that you desire.

As I mentioned before, this is much better than just giving you a bunch of future predictions as if the circumstances are all in fate's hand. I can definitely get an intuitive sense of where a situation is headed, but it's usually more empowering to you to understand how you can influence the outcome of what you are facing.

Whether it's with relationships, career issues, business situations, health issues, or personal growth challenges, understanding the who, what, when, where, why, and how of situation is important. My approach of addressing all of the factors involved, lessens your chance of being in the same frustrating situations a day, week, or month down the road. It prevents you from having to continually rely on others for direction and support.

"Dale's reading on my situation was truly impressive. He demonstrated the ability to focus in on my life without any prompting or giving him any context or background information."

"He enabled me to get a better grasp on my problem and a sense of perspective I didn't have prior to his reading. I now understand why he calls them healing. The experience gave me a real sense of comfort and new possibilities."

Intuition Chat

Intuitive Counseling - My Personal Guarantee To You

We are at a point in history as a society, where we are bombarded with advertisements selling us so many products and services. Unfortunately, much of what is being offered is dishonest and misleading.

I've been deceived myself a few times, and I know how it feels. Because so many scams exist these days, I think it's fair for you to have a healthy skepticism about this service. For this reason, I've already provided you with several excellent endorsements.

On top of this, I'm offering you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

I've never met a professional in this field that's accurate with "everyone" they meet. Sometimes, for whatever reason, I'm just not able to connect with someone on an intuitive level. If I don't demonstrate any accurate intuitive abilities with you during your Intuitive Counseling Session, you don't pay for the consultation.

Guaranteed Psychic

A few minutes into the session, you'll have a choice to continue with the consultation or to stop. You'll know my abilities are real when I tell you specific details about the past and present that I could only know by using intuitive ability. Intuitive Counseling Sessions are rarely stopped short, but just in case, I insist on being fair. Most Intuitive Counselors never offer this guarantee.

PS: Unlike a lot of fly-by-night psychic network websites, you can see that we have been around for a while and we're here to stay. Our website is over a thousand pages packed full of articles, projects, book reviews, courses, and lots of other helpful resources. We are also a PayPal Verified Company. All of these things add to our credibility, which is an important thing to question these days.

Develop Your Intuition

"All that I can say is thank you for everything and I know that you are truly gifted."

Intuition Chat

Intuitive Counseling Arrangements

There are different options for Intuitive Counseling depending on what you want to achieve. I can do just one session with you, which is good for addressing a single issue you face. I can also work with you over a period of time, which is better for complex challenges and for improving your life on a deeper level.

I provide Phone Sessions for Intuitive Counseling - this is primarily how I work. I'm just as accurate over the phone as I am in-person. I have clients all over the world and I've been doing phone sessions for many years. Scientific studies from Princeton University prove the potential of intuitive ability over long distances. Remember, if for some reason I'm not accurate with my ability, the session is free of charge.

If you prefer, I provide In-Person Sessions in the North Florida Area. We can meet in my private, yet safe and professional office facility.

* I Cannot accept Drop-In visits for In-Person Sessions. I travel in the area often doing media work and teaching (I'd hate to miss you). Just follow the link below to schedule an appointment and to get directions to my office.

Develop Your Intuition

"Each time we met, I received a great deal of information, direction and support that was very valuable to me in making decisions and moving forward in my life and business."

"The guarantee is real and just as stated on the web site. The quality of counseling service that you receive is worth every dime of the charged fee, and then some."

Intuition Chat

Yes Dale, I Need Your Professional Intuitive Guidance And I'm Ready To Receive The Powerful Benefits Of Your Service - Answers, Clarity, Understanding, And Direction.

Dale - I understand the service you offer is World Class. I realize that you have years and years of training and experience, which allows you to provide me with the accurate intuitive insights that I need.

Dale - I understand that because there are so many ineffective and unethical intuitives these days, you are offering me a 100% Money Back Guarantee and credible endorsements to demonstrate your commitment to my success and well-being.

If for some reason, you don't demonstrate any accurate intuitive abilities, I don't have to pay for the service. We'll call the session short and my full payment will be refunded. With your service, there is no risk and I have nothing to loose.

Guaranteed Psychic

Dale, I understand that I will receive the following:

  • Help with discovering what I can do to get the results that I want, whether it's with my love life, career or personal growth.

  • Proof of your intuitive accuracy, because you will tell me specific details about the past and present that you could only know by using intuitive ability. Also, right from the start, instead of asking me questions, you'll tell me what you intuitively see.

  • You'll use intuitive ability to identify names, time-frames, and other specific details - insights that are unique to my life. I won't get general information that could apply to anyone. Most of what you share will be new information to me.

  • Saved time and effort because you can help me avoid poor decisions that only make my life worse. Your intuitive insights make it easier for me to discover the most direct path to what I would like to achieve.

Take These 3 Easy Steps To Get A Session:

  1. Decide how long of a session you would like - Below, next to the prices, just choose what "block of time" is good for you.

  2. Purchase your session - to purchase using PayPal or our secure online credit card order form, just click on one of the payment buttons below and place your order. If you would rather provide your credit card information over the phone or you prefer another payment method, contact us.

  3. Contact me to schedule your session - If paying with PayPal or Credit Card online, make your payment first and then contact me (see details below). If using any other payment method, see prices below and then contact me. Contact me also for further questions about my service.

Develop Your Intuition

"I was not sure what to expect. I was nervous and, truthfully, was afraid of being scammed. So many psychics I have seen on TV seem to have their heads in the clouds.

By the way, the guarantee is real and there is no pressure involved. When I finally hung up after my reading, I felt better than I had in months. I have a clearer sense of direction and more insight into many issues I am facing in my life right now."

Intuition Chat

*Again, I provide Phone Sessions Worldwide. I also provide In-Person Sessions in the North Florida area in my private, yet safe and professional office facility.

Get A Recording: Sessions with me are packed full with information, so it's easy to forget or miss some of what I may be sharing with you. This is why you have the option of having your session recorded on a digital file. I will send this audio file to you in an email or on a CD through the postal service.

I charge a small fee to cover the expenses of creating the file for you. If you make a payment online, you will have the option to add a recording. If you call me to book an appointment over the phone, just let me know you would like a recording.

Payment Methods Accepted

  1. Online with PayPal or Credit Card - Pay with all Major Credit Cards and Debit Cards. We offer PayPal payments, which allow you to use your credit/debit card or bank account for payment (works with mobile devices). We also offer credit/debit card payments through an online form using (not available for mobile devices at this time).

    * Both online payment options are well known, safe and reliable, and both allow you to purchase without sharing any sensitive information (credit card numbers, etc) with LifeLeap Institute.

  2. Provide Your Credit Card Info Over The Phone - I accept All Major Credit Cards and Checkcards. See prices below and then Contact Me.

  3. Send Money Order, Check By Mail, Western Union, or Money Gram - If you pay with any of these methods (including a checking account transfer through PayPal), your payment has to clear before I can provide you this service. I would recommend these payments options as a last resort. For these options, see prices below and then Contact Me.

Prices For Intuitive Counseling Sessions

Option 1 - Now $178.00
45 Minute Intuitive Counseling Session

I recommend this amount of time especially if you are a first time client. The service that I provide here is geared towards helping you on a deeper level. It takes time for me to share the insights that I receive, explain the factors surrounding a challenge, and help you determine what steps to take. Whether you are a repeat client, or contacting me for the first time, a 45 minute session is the best choice for getting greater understanding and lasting results in your life.

Option 2 - Now $138.00
35 Minute Intuitive Counseling Session

Just as with the 45 minute session, this choice gives us more time to discuss the different details of what you are facing. So often I have clients that initially want answers for one or two questions. But then as we get into the session, it's often discovered that working through a challenge isn't usually one simple step. There are oftentimes many factors that influence a situation and it's important to understand the big picture. Take time to consider this before you decide how long of a session you need.

Option 3 - Now $95.00
25 Minute Intuitive Counseling Session

This is a great choice for repeat clients that need a follow-up session. I recommend a longer session for first time clients, but if you are in a financial crisis, I'm sure that we can get the basics accomplished with this option. If you need it, you can always schedule an additional session at a later time if you choose this option. Don't get me wrong, even with this shorter option you can still get the help that you need. We just won't be able to cover as many details.

Develop Your Intuition

"Since then my life has been much happier."

"The money I spent on my reading was well worth it."

Intuition Chat
Intuitive Counseling Intuitive Counseling Intuitive Counseling Intuitive Counseling

For Intuitive Counseling, I require a payment in advance.

Don't put it off any longer - take the step now to get an Intuitive Counseling Session with me.

Make a payment above with PayPal, or contact me to use a different payment method. Contact me also if you have further questions about my service.

Important: Intuitive Counseling is a Life Coaching service. This service is not professional psychological, psychiatric or crisis counseling. Please see our Terms for full details before purchasing service.