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    I accidentally put this on the free psychic questions forum and I’m sorry for reposting but I know that this is actually the right place. I will go back and try to erase the other one.

    Hello- recently I have been opening myself up to my own psychic abilities. I have been reading and learning and trying things out slowly. Last night was the first time I connected with my spirit guide. I was meditating with crystals and she told me her name and that it was okay and I felt overwhelmingly safe and warm and at peace. Something pulled me out of it but when I tried again I was being blocked. I realized the thing that was blocking me was trauma from my past. The visual was of myself at that age in the locataion of the trauma and my guide told me that she would help me work through this. I want to speak to my guide more but I’m scared of the trauma always coming up. I reached out to my therapist and I plan on diving back into the trauma work and calling on my angel to help me. But until then, should I stop contacting her? It’s so exciting to know I’m not alone and I just want to talk to her non-stop. Would love to get some advice from other people who understand because Im so worried to tell my real family or friends. Thank you!!

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