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    Hi, my name is Ashley and I am 24 with three beautiful children. I know that this is not how I had planned things, but they happened and I would not change it for anything. Well, I thought all was lost for awhile because I have been in a few bad relationships. I met the most wonderful man the beginning of this year, and things are moving fast, yet they aren’t. It’s so comfortable with him. He has two children himself. Hi kids took a liking to me right away, as mine did him. I am just curious as to if I have finally found the man I have been looking for. He is so amazing and this feels so right, but then again most relationships start out good and then take a turn for the worse. That’s just expereience talking. Maybe I was looking into all the wrong men, but I am starting to think that this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I don’t dare say it out loud though. Could this be the man I have looked for for so long? Is this real? I guess most of all, I am wondering where our relationship is going to end up. Thanks for reading!



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    I will start by saying the future is not etched in stone, we influence what happens in our lives a great deal with our actions and attitudes. You and the gentleman in question have potential. Psychically I am picking up he is very comfortable with you. I am also feeling however,that there are some things about him that once you get to know him, you will not like and those things will dampen your enthusiasm for him and you may have second thoughts about having a future with him.

    Presently, as I focus in on him, I get a sense that he feels he is in control of the relationship as he senses your struggle with self esteem, your anxiety about the relationship and your desire to please. He feels he is in the drivers seat and will be less apt to be on his best behavior which is good because those aspects of him you may not like will come to the surface sooner than later.

    Most importantly, I feel psychically (and strongly) that he enjoys being around YOU and your kids but would not want to be left alone with them to babysit. He wont enjoy them as much and he won’t be as “nice” to them when you’re not there. Your kids will feel rejected and disappointed when this happens but they wont tell you this plus the boyfriend will try to hide that from you as well. He may even have tendency to favor his kids in a “kid conflict” if he was left to watch all of them at once.

    As I focus in on the scenario in the future, I feel sadness from your oldest child and resentment towards you from the oldest and the second child ONLY if the above scenario is allowed to take place. I see a picture in my head of either a vulnerable dark haired boy or a tomboyish girl with a sweet smile turning into a frown and a heartbreaking sadness accompanied by a sudden pain in his/her stomach at the moment your boyfriend reveals his “not so friendly” side.

    This child has a potential to have stomach problems that will be present for the rest of his or her life unless he or she is encouraged to express his or her feelings. He/She wants you to be happy and will hold his/her feelings in if he/she feels communicating them to you would somehow disrupt your happiness. I’m including this psychic insight about your child because I sense that you do love your children very much and you would want to know this. The oldest child will exhibit bad behavior in the future if he/she holds too much inside. This will definitely affect your relationship with anyone!

    This relationship can work. Don’t place him in a babysitter situation even if he volunteers until you have been together for a while. Let the kids really get to know him so mood changes won’t be taken so hard; they will already know his moods-good and bad. Keep encouraging your oldest to express their feelings to you every step of the way. When some of those potentially undesirable traits come up from your boyfriend that I mentioned earlier, address and resolve them immediately and don’t back down. If you let things go, the relationship will fail. That is what I psychically sense based on your personality traits. You have a tendency to sacrifice your standards or “overcompromise” and he has a tendency to get too comfortable with his ways.

    Let me know what you think about what I’ve discussed and If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to post a reply to this topic.


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    Every relationship eventually takes a turn for “the worst”, but each one’s worst is different! It’s totally normal for couples to go through a phase so if/when that happens, don’t let it discourage you! I’ve had friends gush about how their relationship is perfect, always happy, & how they’ve never been in one fight since being together for several months, even over a year. Every time, I always tell them not to get too excited, it’s probably not going to last unless your full of crap cause that’s not healthy, that probably means one or both are not being completely honest and opening themselves up to the other, their REAL selves. This is all just my personal view, but I sincerely wish you the best and I hope this is “the one you’ve been waiting for”, so to speak! ?

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