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    Greetings to all from a newcomer. I’d first like to say what an amazing place this forum is. I read a few posts and the love and care put into the answers and advice brought tears to my eyes.

    I have had a long run of quite bad luck, in some ways more than 20 years, although there have been plenty of positives in that time as well. I now live in India and am married to a very wonderful man, really grounded and a tower of strength. But we have huge family responsibilities. Despite really hard work we seem to be slipping down a slope financially. While not old, we are not young either, and wonder how long we can go on working our socks off. We need to take a bold step to improve our business but our capital is so depleted we cannot afford to make a mistake.

    My questions for any kind psychic counsellors out there are:
    1. Can you see any signs that things may turn around
    2. Can you get a feeling for the direction we should take (if it helps I can be more specific, but will ask a general question first)

    To any one who answers, your help will be greatly appreciated and valued.
    With thanks

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