Will she become a successful singer or in music related area

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    I would like to ask about my daughter, she is 15 years, and somuch passionate about music, her dream is to become a great singer, almost you can say that she is living in her dream , she is good in studies, but not concentrate or else lost her interest in studies now ,only thought is music, music , music.
    Sometime I feel worried about her future.
    I honestly wish any one can help me to tell the reality of her future.and wish to get a guidance
    I wait for a reply
    Thank you


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    Hello dear,
    From what I see, your daughter is extremely talented in the creative field and has great potential to become a successful singer. However, I do see that this will be a long and difficult path if she does decide to go with the music route. Her finances won’t be stable for a while and she will end up asking for money from you constantly. For now, I suggest she keeps studying as I can see that as she grows older, she will change her mind frequently and her passion for music will lessen. Encouraging your daughter to keep studying the best thing you can do for her. Show her that you support her with music, but also make her aware of how difficult it is to pursue a career as a singer.

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    Love and light,


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