Will rocky relationship with sister in law ever get better?

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    I’ve been having problems with my husband’s sister since just before we got married 8 years ago. She likes to meddle in other peoples’ business and bad mouth them behind their back. I recently found out that she told some people that even though they might think I’m sweet, I’m not, I’m hateful and evil. People who honestly know me don’t feel this way about me at all, she’s the only one who seems to have a problem with me. I just don’t like to be in the middle of her drama and choose to stay away from her as much as possible. She has been very hurtful in the past and I cannot take it anymore, this is why I keep my distance. However, she recently invited me out for coffee and I don’t know what I should do. I have a feeling that there is an ulterior motive and I really don’t want to be put in an uncomfortable situation. I am currently pregnant and it’s been a bumpy pregnancy so I really want to avoid as much stress and tension as possible. My question is, will she ever change? Will something genuinely good come out of my meeting up with her? To be honest, I feel that things will get better on the surface for a little while but she will go back to her old ways at the drop of a hat. What does she want from me? I do not want to fight, I do not want to argue, I just want things to be good and peaceful in my life. Should I give her yet another chance or will I get burned by her again?

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