will me and him work?

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    I met this guy ( hamza ) in one of my classes and we started to text each other on snapchat a few days ago. We only have 2 real conversations. In the second conversation, he seemed interested. He told me that he thinks that i’m pretty, smart,..and the convo was pretty fluid but after this conversation he started to be distant. He takes 1 to 3 days to answer but he never answer something short it’s always a really little paragraph. The thing is he’s still watching my stuff on social media ( snapchat stories) even the days he’s not answering which is kind of confusing.Today it’s been 2 days that he doesn’t answer. Should I stop worry about him or there’s really a chance for me and him to work because it’s just a fase ? If there’s a chance, what can I do to fix this situation? Thank you very much 🙂 xx
    – Nahomie

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