Will I See Her In March?

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      Hello all! The topic of clairvoyance and spirituality as a whole has always intrigued me. I’m unsure of my own psychic abilitied as of yet, however, I’m happy to have found this site. I hope to continue to use it!

      In regards to my own personal request for help, I was hoping to recieve clarity on an event to (Hopefully!) come. Since March, I have been dating the most amazing woman online. She is smart, funny, beautiful, romantic, articulate, and just all around perfect! We quite literally finish each other’s sentences and say the same thing at the same time. We have planned to meet twice in-person, and both times have fallen through. We are planning to meet for our anniversary coming up next March. Does anyone feel as though this time things will finally work out? I truly would give anything in this life to finally be able to kiss her darling lips. Thank you for any and all guidance!!



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        You or her , both may experience some sort of disappointment in the next meeting may decide to moving on.

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