Will he talk to me? Need guidance from one psychic to another

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    Hi there, my name is Dominique (3/27/98). A bit ago I was in a relationship with a man named Jonathan (not sure his date of birth but he’s 20). We broke up recently because he’s moving away to Israel and instead of having a lovely goodbye, sadly he pushed me away and our last talk was quite sad. Since then I’ve done some tarot decks on him and a few intentional meditations to find out how he was feeling about me. My decks say that he will come back and talk to me soon. My meditations revealed that he’s feeling trapped (he feels that he wouldn’t know what to say or doesn’t think I’d like to speak to him). I’ve even had dreams where I’ve been pregnant with his child and dreams that I’ve been infertile (signs of new life in a relationship and signs of communication fixing a relationship respectively). This is all great, the only problem is it hasn’t happened yet. It’s been about 2 weeks since I found out we were going to speak and hanging on a thread waiting is kind of driving me crazy, so here’s my question.

    When exactly are we going to speak to eachother?

    Am I doing anything to block this communication? If yes, what do I need to do to change that?

    What do you think he’ll say to me, specifically (but not exclusively) will he tell me he loves me?

    Is there any mind state or attitude I should take into this conversation to make it go better?

    Thank you in advance! If there’s anything I can clarify to help your readings please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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