When will my ex boyfriend return to me?

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    Hi, I have a question about my love life. I’m wondering when my ex boyfriend Arden will return to me. This one place that I found online said they casted a free spell (I requested it) to return my lover to me a little while ago, like a day ago, but I’m wondering what sort of visions people might have for me and Arden. Like, when he’ll return, what will he say, how he feels? I really miss him and some psychics that I’ve contacted have told me that he still loves me and cares about me. And if someone can help me with these questions, then that will be much appreciated. Thanks a lot!


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    I’m very sorry and I hate to crush your hopes but I feel you will see him with another woman when you do see him and that she is very different from you and he wanted a change. I’m feeling end of august. She is very very young. He felt you were too smart and that he couldn’t control or manipulate you. That is why he left and that is why he has the other girl she is very very slow. She is possibly on drugs even. I get her not being able to think clearly. She is not too bright. Basically he wanted a lower intelligence.

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