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    I dated this guy. Can anyone tell me if there’s hope between him and I?

    My DOB is 31 July 1985, he’s a Leo born in 1976.



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    Hi Melly,
    I am not psychic, but I still hope this reply is of some help to you. The best way to find out how a relationship is going is to communicate with the other person. Communication is truly the key not to mention that you must also look at and reflect on how things are going currently. Look for things like is the relationship balanced (is it nice and even or are you putting in more work than the other person involved) and please don’t laugh, but making a pros and cons list has helped people in the past (this will help you not only look at the flaws in the relationship, but it will also bring to light some of the good things). However, do not panic just yet because if there are more flaws then that just means both parties involved will have to put more work into the relationship if it is to survive. Last, but certainly not least you cannot change anyone, but yourself so never try to fix a person in order to turn them into your prince charming (because for one this will never work and even if you did manage to make them change psychology dictates this will only be temporary according to that persons core personality type). Your best bet to find out the information that you seek to know is to simply ask him. Just remember to be truthful and honest and to also expect the same.

    Best wishes and Good Luck to you:)
    Lisa (aka Kitana57)

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