Very confused and don't know what to do ???

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    Hi there is a guy who loved me a lot in the beginning and I loved him for more than 3 yrs now and as time went by he started ignoring me but time to time he would talk to me and seemed like he was interested in me and whenever I ask him why he ignores me he would say he is busy with his work and really stressed but even though I show him all my love he doesn’t really talk to me with love anymore like I want and I don’t know what his intentions are and I really want the relationship to work out and I don’t know why he is being so heartless and not talking to me with love when I show all my love to him …..when will he talk to me in a loving way on the phone and do you see us getting married and having a good relationship in the future ? please if you can let me know as this is making me really distressed. Thanks alot.

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