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    I am a pediatric home health nurse. I am very interested in your upcoming class for children.
    Are there some simple exercises I can start using now that might help these children get more control over their emotions and become more perceptive?
    I work with special needs children and they can be manipulative at times. I think they are grasping for control somewhere in their lives.
    I am also the proud Grandmother of 2 remarkable Granddaughters, so I can’t wait to see what your class has to offer for them, too.
    Your website is awesome!!!!!


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      Here is an idea you can play around with – if a child you are working with seems to have an issue, the first thing you want to do is identify what that issue is. It can be as simple as asking them questions such as “what are you upset about,” or “how do you feel about that friend at school that you keep talking about.”

      It could even be noticing a physical pain the child has. As soon is you spot something you want to work with, try this exercise:

      Get out some markers and papers and have them draw something that symbolizes the issue they are having. It could be a stick figure of someone they are having problems with or it could be a shape that symbolizes a pain they may be experiencing on the physical level (give the shape of color, texture, etc). Make this whole exercise into a game — making fun for them.

      Now, once they put a good amount of energy into creating that symbol, then take that piece of paper and have them move it around. Have them put the paper in front of them, on the side of them, behind them, up on the table, on the floor, in many different places. if the child has physical limitations, he may have to do this for them.

      Maybe have them cut the piece of paper into several different pieces, spread the pieces out, and then put the pieces back together. You can even have them take a piece of paper and tear it to many different pieces, the smallest possible. then you can have them flush all of those pieces of paper down the toilet. Then get out a new piece of paper and create a new drawling or symbol that represents the issue. I then keep play more games like this.

      By taking this drawling or symbol, and moving it around, and doing different things with it, the child is shifting from being controlled by the issue more towards being in control of the issue.

      I remember one child that I worked with years ago that had chronic stomach issues. He was in a lot of pain and had been in pain for several years. I showed him how to do this exercise and walked him through it for a bit, and then he told me the pain was gone. I saw him a couple weeks later, he told me that he’d been doing exercise, and it had helped a lot with making him go better.

      You might be even able to get a child to visualize something in their minds eye and move this image around and do different things with it. You have them create the image, move it around, make it bigger, make it smaller, put it on the ceiling, put it on the floor and get rid of it. They make a new image move it around make it older make it younger. It’s not a miracle pill, but I have seen it help a lot of people.

      Play around with this and let us know how you make out. We do have plans to create a course for children, so keep an eye out for updates relating to this.

      - Dale Sellers

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