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    I just wanted some advice about a man I have known for years. I recently reconnected with him and things didn’t work out very well. He’s very emotionally unavailable so I felt it was time to give up. I hope I have made the right decision. I have been told he is my soulmate. We are currently not in contact and I have no intention of chasing him anymore. A few of the psychics I have previously spoken to have said he sees another woman on and off although he denies this. Can anyone give me advice regarding this situation as I need the strength to move on.


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    Hi, i have been in a similiar situation before. You tend to over analyse the situation and you go round in circles. My advice to you is this…..dont be the one to do the chasing. If it is meant to be it will happen easily without much effort. If its not then maybe someone up their has a better plan for you. You have to believe this is the case. If you are positive you attract positive things and people in your life. It might be hard in.the beginning but in time you will move on.

    Dont go on psychic forums etc to seek your answers. This will not help you get through this.i believe if you really seek the truth its within you. I believe we choose not to see the situation for what it really is as we want to hold onto good things or things that make us feel wanted appreciated etc

    Hope this helps. Please please take it on board. I made a stupid decision on a rebound and got married. Don’t make a mistake that you will regret xx

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