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    I am a new member. I have been having trouble with love my whole life. I dont know if its my looks or what. I am a bisexual female seeking true happy love. I hope I can get this curse lifted and finally be happy.

    Logan wolthuis


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    From what I’m hearing, you need to focus more on yourself for a while. I suggest doing some shadow work on your love life (in deep meditation, ask yourself why you might not want a relationship). The only reason why you’re not getting something is if a part of you subconsciously doesn’t want it, or is afraid of it. I suggest watching the spiritual teacher teal swan for more insight on this.

    As long as you take care, and lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s not your looks that are contributing to this issue. It seems to me that you need to look at your opinion of yourself (all aspects) and ask yourself this question: would I date myself. You may have beliefs about yourself such that you wouldn’t. The real aim is to get to loving yourself.

    Also, you need to distinguish what kind of connection YOU want from someone: do you want a deep intimate or sex? Remember – answer honestly to yourself, and don’t be ashamed of the answer you get. Feelings are feelings, and you can’t force them away without them coming up again. What you want really is to understand what you want completely.

    Also, don’t worry – it’s not a curse! I suggest you do more extroverted things, such as joining a club to match your interests. I wouldn’t recommend searching for love at bars, although you never know!

    I hope this helped at least a little bit – I do see someone coming into your life if you change your beliefs.

    Best of luck! Xxx

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