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    I’m just so tired of living the way things are now. Tired of not having money. Tired of not being happy. Not sure if I want to leave my husband and move closer to my own kids.


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    No wonder you’re tired! Phew!

    Maybe there are some solutions right in front of you? Would moving near your kids truly make you happy? Is there anything you love to do that you’re not doing right now? An old hobby you enjoyed? Where is this deep dissatisfaction coming from?

    Often our kids have busy lives of their own and they’re not so worried about how we’re doing. There are some really great inspirational teachers and healers on YouTube and other places. You surely need a miracle just now… something to kick start you again.

    Is it the money or is it something deep inside… that feeling of: “Is this all there is?” That’s a call from your soul to dig deep and find your passion. Check our your physical health also. Sometimes we’re lacking in Magnesium and other things that can help us relax and get adequate rest.

    Life is challenging and if you’re not sure it’s sometimes best to ride things out until you are. All the very best making your decision… even if that means ‘not’ deciding at all! 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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