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    Will i obtain employment, hit the lottery and will my struggle end soon


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    Hello love,
    Are you by chance on some disability or have you recently experienced discomfort in your left wrist or anything related to that? I am feeling like it has been some time since you were last employed?(sorry I know that sounds weird but that is something physical I received upon asking your question)…I want to say that you will find employment but it won’t be what you are looking for in the beginning. I feel as if you are wanting it to happen but that you are hesitant in putting in the work to make it happen and that maybe you are holding out for a windfall where everything just falls into place. And you know that the chances are unlikely but you hold on to this belief because it is a little of all you know so to speak. (I don’t mean that in a bad way). I feel like you feel a heavy burden on your shoulders , that you feel as if there is so much in your past and present that is keeping you from everything you feel you deserve. But I want to remind you that everyday is a NEW DAY and that a thought is just a belief that you keep telling yourself…Do you find yourself engaging in negative self talk about yourself or others? Do you place a lot of blame or criticism on things? I feel like energetically you don’t know where to start but my advice to you would be to be gentle with yourself and your life. There is ultimately two sides to everything; what is wanted and what is not wanted…your ego self and your higher self and it is all just a matter about what you choose. But the amazing thing about that is that you don’t have to worry about finding employment or hitting the lottery or breaking through some big struggle…Please don’t be offended but I truly believe that our thoughts create our reality. If you continue to worry and turn from love then I feel like your situation wont change and the universe wil bring you more of the same to match what you are putting out. But if you disengage, let go of any attachments of outcomes and work on the relationship you have with yourself that you will see improvements on all levels and you will see things falling into place. This is obviously something that doesn’t happen overnight but it is a continual thing. People are so caught up in expectation that they forget that what matters is the relationship you have inside of you. Engage in things that make you feel like the person you want to become and overtime you will be that person. And it wont feel like a struggle itll be enjoyable to you. And that is what life is really about. Its not about money or what you have or can get, its about manifesting the things into your life and living the experiences that are delicious to you. Hope this helps! XO

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