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    Just when I was starting to feel a tad comfortable with my astrological signs, and chart, along come a shocker.
    Ophiuchus (Pronounced “oh FEE uh cus”)
    Oh boy! Well will need to dig in and see how and what ‘mind set’ I need to incorporate.
    Be Well
    In early 2011, Astronomer Parke Kunkle, a board member of the Minnesota Planetarium Society, caused quite a stir when she recommended an overhaul of the astrological signs; signs you’ll find included in our astrology software review. Her proposal involves changing the dates of the signs, as well as adding the new 13th sign, Ophiuchus. Her claims are based on the assumption that a series of shifts aka “wobbles” of the Earth’s axis throughout the years has caused the signs to no longer properly align with the constellations. The result, according to Kunkle, is that people are now living under a completely difference star’s influence than they would have in the past.

    Kunkle’s proposal moves each sign forward about three weeks. For example, the sign of Leo previously began July 23rd and ended on August 23rd. With the recommended change, the Leo cycle now begins August 10th and ends September 16th. And the much-ballyhooed new sign, Ophiuchus, was inserted into the late November area of the calendar, running from November 29th through December 15th. Thirteen signs and twelve months may seem strange, but for some astrologers, the new system makes sense.

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