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    Here is another thought provoker.
    Be Well
    # 46 Talker on Filters of Lifes Reality
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    # 46 Talker on Filter of Lifes Reality

    Ah yes, the pro and con of everything, is an ongoing process. It is not my intention to downgrade any sound advice, or process offered by others. Yet there is the personal reality of each and every individual experiencing, that is unique to them. Some are readily able to invoke their ‘mind power’ with excellent results. Others do have a degree of difficulty invoking ‘mind power’. Does that signify a weakness! No, I believe it only stresses that we all, each and every one of us are so unique, that only within certain parameters do we share common ‘filter’ factors. Beyond that point we have our own specific ‘filters’ that flavor ‘the what one can readily achieve with mind power’.

    That use of mind power, is ultimately the major factor in what actually takes place, is true.

    How rapidly any ‘change’ takes place is the huge variable.

    Until ones own ‘existing filters’ are altered, by what ever means, it is no easy process to overcome, if the ‘filters’ are highly charged with emotions. I personally have seen changes take place with ‘really messed up’ individuals, albeit, with time consuming methods, that eventually took place. So if ‘mind power’ evades one temporarily, whats wrong with using ‘tools at hand! Use whatever process that even hints at making progress in modifying or changing the internal filters.
    At the very emotional core of ones ‘being’ lurks various ‘filters’ that are well entrenched. They can in some instances serve as ‘protectional’ shells.
    Some are destructive, some are benign others are malignant.
    They may even serve a purpose.
    Those filters, good or otherwise, are what makes one ‘who they are’.

    So, how to rectify the situation!

    Recognition is the first step.

    Generally that recognition shows up with as ‘what is happening’ in ones life. Generally again, it’s unfavorable conditions. So now one is faced with what’s wrong with me, in that I’m not able to fully utilize ‘mind power’. Who needs that added burden.

    Fact is, use of full mind power is a variable with each person.
    I for instance, am not concerned with heights per se, I’ll climb a hundred foot tower no problem, but when on a house ‘roof edge’, only twenty foot in height, I’m a mass of unstable jello. Mind power is the least and most remote thing on my mind at that point. So my internal filters are in full bloom at that moment. Had I been aware of EFT, during my roof walking days, you better believe I would have tried EFT. Knowing more about mind power at that time, may have helped, but was using mind power to get a home, never entered my mind to use it for low heights concerns.
    What created my ‘heights filter’, well it was ‘sliding, down a steeply pitched roof while doing an antenna job. It’s the ‘oddest’ feeling I ever felt. I managed to drive a scratch awl into the roof that finally stopped my slide, while my legs extended beyond the roof.

    So whats the point here you ask!

    Another ‘life filter’ was added to my list.

    The ‘Law of Accretion’ steps in.

    A messed up life, is the accumulation of hundreds or thousands of ‘filters’. Far to often I see individuals endeavor to correct ‘their mess’ with a ‘one process corrects all’ approach.
    The way I see it, one builds up a list of ‘filters’ one by one. At one point, the ‘filters’ will even interact’ with each other.

    ‘What are our filters of life’, causing the present difficulty.

    One may now have ‘tiny filters, small filters, big filters, large filters, huge filters, multicolored filters’ and so on.
    Now flavor all of this with various degrees of ‘intent, faith, beliefs, love, hate, frustration, joy, failure, success, and religion, and one has the makings for a very interesting life.
    These filters are what make you ‘YOU’. A very unique Soul.
    Doses of love, good music, true friends, and Chakra routines help immensely.

    Recognition of, that ‘we create our personal reality.
    Recognition of, that God or Source is not picking on you.
    Recognition of, ‘if we created the problem, we can correct it.
    Recognition of, problems may need to be corrected one by one.
    Recognition of, we are perfect Souls experiencing.
    Recognition of, it’s hopeless only if you believe that.
    Recognition of, if ‘Mind Power’ initially is not sufficient at this time, one must use other means.

    Be Well

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