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    I’m just letting everyone know that if anyone is feeling suicidal, feel free to talk to me. I can offer you my knowledge and presence – you are not alone.
    I know how it feels to feel so alone that we have no other apparent choice other than to end this experience, and I know that it can be so much easier to talk to someone you don’t know about it. So you can talk to me. I am not a psychiatrist (I suggest turning to that first), but it can be nice to tell someone how we are feeling.
    (Your identity and all you chose to tell me will be kept entirely confidential and I will not judge you)

    Much love xxx


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      Lisarose – Thanks for being willing to help. But, for this type of thing, we recommend people contact a professional counselor or suicide hotline. These are situations which require special attention.

      - Dale Sellers

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