So confused is it love or am I Delisional?

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    I recently reconnected with an old childhood friend and immediately sparks flew. We had some sexual activities going on for months, then one day he just gets distant. Won’t see meits been 2 months and barely answers my texts. I told himin a text if he never wants to see or talk to me again just say it. Still no response. What’s going on with this guy? I really thought we could build a relationship together??


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    He is keeping the door open and playing ghost. Which means he wants you available for his sexual desires only. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the only sparks that flew were yours my dear. If you still feel the need to follow through with him and try to get validation from his side which I will add its probably not going to happen because again if he tells you the truth that means he knows he will have that sex line cut. I would ignore him and see his reaction if he contacts you only in time of a sexual fling and shows no other interest in your life like your, day, hows your job going, etc. or makes plans for a date without sex then at that point you have your clear answer. Please trust your instincts if your asking you should already know the answer. A relationship is not a guessing game its a for sure thing!


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    What he does is measure the pros and cons of things. He happens to stand by currently because he’s very unsure of what is best for his situation. He’s very complicated. Different. He feels love. He’s met a situation that will probably break you two up. Try not be hard on yourself. Your in need of assurance. Assurance would meet your level of anticipation, that’s all. If this situation of the change of his mind didn’t take place, ask yourself if you would belong together. In reality. Youra confident person and I think you could move on especially knowing that you did win his heart. It’s the circumstances in his life that are getting in the way, honey.

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